TeamDonate has taken several steps to make the donation process as smooth as possible for our donors and our organizations. Some of's recent users took the time to email us about their experiences with our services, and we thought you may want to hear what they had to say.

  • "I use the internet to make donations and purchases quite a bit, but the donation process was the easiest and fastest online transaction I have ever made."

    • - Ginger Hoering; Donor (AZ)

  • "TeamDonate provided the exact service our baseball program was looking for. We received our donations right away, and they always seemed more than happy to help us out along the way."

    • - Scott Pickler; Head Baseball Coach, Cypress College (CA)

  • "It's nice to see TeamDonate providing a service like this. Our booster club was so grateful that our coach decided to use TeamDonate, as it made our lives so much easier."

    • - Kari Willison; Booster Club President (AZ)

  • "When I received my donation letter, I was dreading having to go through the hassle of writing a check, so naturally I was pretty excited when I read that I could donate online though TeamDonate's website. By using my credit card, I have a record of my transaction, and I received my air miles. Many thanks to TeamDonate."

    • - Dana Gieger; Donor (VA)

  • "I was amazed at how many of my donors actually took the time to tell me how easy it was for them to donate to our program using TeamDonate. They all kept saying how the whole donation process took less than 2 minutes. Nice work, TeamDonate."

    • - Steve Lansford; Head Coach, Ocotillo Angels Club Baseball (AZ)

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